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At risk of losing your home?
Are your mortgage arrears mounting?

If your lender threatening to take you to court?

Are you facing repossession proceedings?

Is your eviction date looming?

Have you already been repossessed?
We can help
We stop repossessions at any stage of the process.

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Here's how we can help...
Free, confidential repossession advice.

A personal advisor to guide you every step of the way.

Solutions to save your home from being repossessed.

An opportunity to take control of your situation, your finances
and your life.
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Lifeline Repossession Services

Whether you’ve just missed a couple of mortgage payments or you’ve already been evicted we could help keep you in your home. Our dedicated repossession advice service is 100% confidential and completely free of charge. Call 0800 061 2273 to speak to a Lifeline advisor today.

Over 115,000 people in the UK faced repossession proceedings last year.  You may think your circumstances are unique but it’s never too late,. We’ve helped many people to stay in their homes, and we could help you too – even if you’ve already been evicted. Call us today on FREEPHONE 0800 061 2273 for a friendly, confidential chat to find out how we can help keep you in your home.

Facing repossession is an overwhelming experience, and many people feel extreme levels of distress. We believe that you shouldn’t have to go through this on your own.

Call us now and take the first step on the road to peace of mind.